Saturday, May 16, 2009

Down In A Hole

I know that this isn't a great quality photograph, but this is the view from our work's kitchen window at the moment, when it isn't being obscured by a man with a jackhammer and clouds of dust. The golf club are having the drains replaced, which involves sinking a manhole right outside the kitchen door.

It has taken the jackhammer bloke the best part of two days to break through the concrete so that they can dig the trench and lay the new drain pipes. These lads have really worked hard, I can't imagine that and 8 hour day just pushing down on a deafeningly noisy, vibrating piece of equipment is all that much fun.

This is our house, the area behind the barriers is where the trench is being dug to bring the drains around from the far end of the clubhouse.

The chasm, the lads worked like troopers to get this sorted yesterday, but in rain that varied from steady to torrential it certainly wasn't an easy task.

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