Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The 30 Greatest Singers In Rock

According to Classic Rock magazine anyway.

1) Freddy Mercury
2) Paul Rodgers (nice 1,2 for Queen there)
3) Robert Plant
4) Steve Marriot
5) Rod Stewart
6) Ian Gillan
7) Ronnie James Dio
8) Sammy Hagar
9) Steve Perry
10) Janis Jopling
11) Noddy Holder
12) Steven Tyler
13) Roger Daltrey
14) Meatloaf
15) David Coverdale
16) Paul Stanley
17) John Lennon
18) Ann Wilson
19) Layne Staley
20) Steve Winwood
21) Chris Robinson
22) Jim Morrison
23) Robin Zander
24) Glenn Hughes
25) Danny Bowes
26) Steven Wilson
27) Brian Connolly
28) Phil Mogg
29) Lou Gramm
30) James Hetfield

Now, of course what Classic Rock like to do is to throw in a couple of "who is he" types into any of these lists they publish, thus Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson makes it on the list, and they like to include some obvious bits of idiocy / controversy, such as placing Noddy Holder higher on the list than John Lennon.

Then there's James Hetfield, now I love Metallica, and James' voice is ideally suited to their brand of thrash metal, but if I compose a list of the 100 best rock singers of all time Hetfield is still going to be hovering somewhere in the also rans off the bottom.

Freddie Mercury at #1 ? If it was a list of the all time greatest frontmen I'd have no problem with that, but for me Mercury's slightly strained falsetto vocals are overwhelmed by a number of singers lower on the list, Robert Plant and Ronnie James Dio especially.

No Nick Cave on the list either, I love Cave's edgy distinctive vocals, and where's Ginger, perhaps those last two could both make the 30 greatest songwriter's list.


  1. overwhelmed by a number of singers lower on the list, ... Ronnie James Dio especially.


  2. Harrumph, I take it you're not a great fan of RJD then ?

  3. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Noddy Holder is a better singer than Lennon in my opinion so i guess they got it right. In fact although i like the Beatles they are vastly overated. The Best singer in my opinion is Frankie Miller by a mile.

  4. I just can't take the comedy dwarf serious.

    Technically Marriot should be above Plant because the latter nicked a hell of a lot from the former.

  5. Maybe we should run up a Worst Rock Singers of All Time, Phil Collins anyone ?