Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yorkshire Soul's Rambling Quiz Series 7.2: Answers

Oh dear, was it all a bit sudden then ? Only two quizzers last week...

MR 9
Mr Moosehead 8

1) Whose national flag is this ?


2) In which country could you spend this banknote ?

North Korea

3) Which city is this, and a bonus point if you get the building name as well ?

Warsaw, Palace of Culture and Science

4) Name this woman ?

Harper Lee

5) Name this man ?

B B King

6) In mathematics, name the rule that assigns a unique value to each item of a given set ?

A function

7) What is the Japanese drama form influenced by Zen, originally performed by Buddhist priests which features almost no plot or characterisation but which seeks to provide a moment of insight using masks, dance, music and song ?

No drama/theatre

8) Name the situation in nature where two species live in close association but only one partner benefits, and the other partner neither gains nor loses ?


9) This city was built on land purchased from the Maoris, it handles about 60% of its nation's trade and has the highest Polynesian population of any city in the world, name it ?


10) Which author is famous for portraying lonely, disaffected characters frustrated bu the boring, conformist world. He shot to fame with the publication of his debut, and only, novel in 1951 ?

J D Salinger


1) Mr Moosehead 18
1) MR 18
3) Amelia S 8
4) Dominic L 6
5) Penny Farthing 5

What happened to the other quizzers then ? Oh well, next instalment....sometime ;-)

Good luck, and please don't put answers in the comments.

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