Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Yorkshire Soul's Rambling Quiz : Series 7 Answers & League Table

1) Who is this ? (1)

Th author C S Lewis

2) What is this building ? (1)

The Sansad Bhavan, Indian Parliament Building

3) Who is this man ? (1)

Herman Van Rumpoy, the Prime Minister of Belgium

4) Here is a picture of a huge building dwarfing the city around it, where in the world is this building going to be constructed ? (1)

This is to be built in Mexico City by the architects OMA.

5) Who is this ? (1)

The up and coming Blackpool pop star Little Boots.

6) "Mercy on us, what a violent attack". These words are spoken by the second person to speak in a famous novel, character name and the name of the novel please ? (2)

These words are spoken by Prince Vasili in War And Peace.

7) What would happen to you if someone gave you a Scarborough Warning ? (1)

You would get no warning at all of what was to happen, you would be attacked without notice.

8) What was the name of the economics and customs agreement which came into existence in 1948 between the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg ? (1)

The Benelux agreement.

9) Name the elite Roman military unit which acted as the Emperor's personal guard but murdered three Emperors, deserted two others and was eventually replaced by the Scholae ? (1)

The Praetorian Guard

10) Which act of law created a refugee migration crisis of 11 million people as two independent states created along religious beliefs were created ? (1)

Indian Independence Act, or the Partition Of India

Week 1 League

1) Mr Moosehead 10
2) Amelia S 8
2) MR 8
4) Dominic L 6
5) Penny Farthing 5

Well done folks, Didier has ruled himself out of this series and no reply from former champion Dr P. I will get another quiz done as soon as I can, after I have written a lenghty eulogy (see post below).


  1. Oh yeah, baby!
    Fame and fortune at last!

  2. Only another 9 quizzes to go and you're the new champion !