Thursday, April 09, 2009

Woo ! My Horse Came 2nd

Well done Comply Or Die, coming in second place in the Aintree Grand National, £5 each way netted me £22.50, a sum profit of £2.50 on the day after my other horse, Battlecry, wasn't placed. A good year though, neither of my horses became Kat-O-Meat.

How did you do ?


  1. I had State of Play with my huge £2 each way bet I made a profit of £1! My other horse wasn't placed either.

  2. Squirt4:50 pm

    We also backed Comply or Die, & had a couple of squid on My Will.
    Put a couple more quid on Offshore Account for Grandad, but it didn't get a place. I always placed an "On the nose" bet on an outsider but unfortunately didn't bag the winner.
    Wouldn't it of been nice though ...