Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vaughan Demonstrates New Stroke

Michael Vaughan's new project involves putting his batting skills to a new use in a Jackson Pollock style, striking a paint covered ball against a canvas to produce works of art.

Batting Under Lights, Micahel Vaughan.

Michael Vaughan's Artballing.

You can buy works of art from the site, and a percentage of the profits will be given to the Professional Cricketers Association Benevolent Fund and the Prostate Cancer charity.


  1. I actually quite like this. I don't know if I'd pay 300 pounds for it, but it's a lot better than loads of other abstract pieces out there.

  2. good to see he's managed to hit some, given his form

  3. Anonymous6:37 pm

    These all look wicked. And I think they are very good value. It's £150 for a framed signed pic of the master. But a limited edition print produced by him... I'm getting one!!

  4. I'm really not sure about this form of abstract art.

    I clean things like this off my windscreen most summer days, without thinking about putting black card behind it and taking a photo.

    Maybe it's just me.