Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Talking Music

The subject was Eminem, whom young Phil had claimed to be the greatest songwriter ever.

Me - "I'll admit he does some interesting things with words, but in terms of rhythm and melody he's hardly Lennon-McCartney is he ?"

Phil - "Who ?"

Me - "You are not allowed to discuss music ever again young man."

Then I was expounding my current theory that the Decemberists awesome new album The Hazards Of Love should propel them into the mainstream and turn them into a big unit shifting band, but that considering the musical taste of the general public I also expected them to fail to appreciate the beauty of the album. Paula asked if I had ever considered if it was in fact the case that the general public had good taste in music and I was the odd one out ?

Of course not dear Paula, the general public has made McDonalds the most popular 'restaurant' in the world, I am secure in the belief that my musical taste is impeccable.


  1. Nice one YS. McDonalds are good for one thing alone. The horrid breakfast McMuffin things, when consumed as a hangover cure remind you that drinking in excess is not good for you!

    A sort of penance system.

    As far as your musical taste goes, well it’s varied in the extreme and variety is the spice of life. You certainly couldn’t be accused of being a musical dullard.

  2. YS has the most wonderful musical taste.

    (if you're wondering why I'm saying this, you only have to look at our profiles side-by-side)

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  4. We do have the best taste in music.

  5. Anonymous9:52 pm

    err ill have u know u sed leenon-mcarntney in the same breath together so i thought it was one of ur wonderful (crap) new bands

  6. I hope your English language teacher does not read that.

  7. Anonymous6:20 pm

    ok i can not spell, oh well least i can cook, u dont need to be able to spell 2 cook shit hot fodda

  8. I really would prefer it if you didn't cook shit in my kitchen.