Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Snouts In The Trough

Pictured above, an MP, it might be mine, it might be yours, the only certain thing is that they will be stuffing their wallets and bank balances as full of our money as they can.

All round hypocrite of the first order at the moment is probably Labour MP and Work Minister Tony McNulty. McNulty said recently that "he did not break any rules" and has acted in an ethical manner, he was commenting on the fact that he had claimed £60,000 of taxpayers money in the past few years as a second home allowance. Oddly though, McNulty's original home is something in the region of 11 miles away from Parliament, I am sure that there are hundreds of thousands of people who commute further than this every day.

It just seems at the moment that our elected MP's believe that they should pay for nothing at all out of their own pockets. According to figures published by the Daily Mail, my own MP, Mrs Anne Cryer earned in 2008 a basic salary of £64,766, on top of that she received pension contributions of £17,357, and then claimed expenses of £247,183. Now I do understand that some expenses claimed by MP's go towards valid outgoings such as the cost of office rentals, communications, postage and wages for office employees.

I also understand that our MP's claim money for transport, eating out, digital television sets, hi-fi systems, carpets, coffee tables and porn movies, the sort of day to day expense that the average working person just has to pay out of his wage after tax and NI deductions.

The Nu-Labour government who came to power partly by saying that they would be 'whiter than white' and would rid Parliament of 'Tory sleaze' are now deep in that mire themselves, they seem grab every opportunity to further line their own pockets whilst in their constituencies jobs are lost, homes are repossessed and the ensuing financial stress tears families apart. The Opposition are no better though, R5 news last week reported on the Tory MP who was also a property developer with a portfolio of around four dozen houses to his name, and who yet still had the outright cheek and utter lack of shame to claim a second home allowance in London.

Trust in our politicians is at its lowest ever ebb, the constant mealy mouthed prevarication and side stepping that we hear on a daily basis from the likes of Jacqui Smith is only serving to deepen the level of distrust that the public feel and will further alienate people from political involvement.

Our MP's really need to clean up their act, hypocrisy is the most unforgivable of sins in an MP. They earn an amount of money which seems fantastic to people who work long hours in the sort of jobs that keep the country running, the factory and dock workers, nurses and junior teachers, the call centre workers and the cooks, there are millions who work very hard for a fraction of even an MP's basic salary.

Where have all our political heroes gone ? Is their no-one left who is worthy of our trust ? I'd really love it if someone could write in and say something along the lines of "My MP is awesome, he doesn't claim vast wads of extra cash, he attends a high percentage of parliamentary debates and holds regular constituency sessions, and he does what he says he will do," but does such a mythical figure actually exist in British politics today today ?


  1. Sorry YS, the answer is NO. When asked about politicians when opening my Facebook account, I simply went with my gut feelings and inserted ‘Politicians are Parasites’. Strangely I’ve never been picked up on this, even though I know quite a few local Councillors. This problem is not only specific to the MP’s, your local Councillors will doubtlessly be costing you a considerable sum, but you probably aren’t privileged to that information. An example:-

    In a town in North Yorkshire, let us call it Sleby, the local Licensing Officer, we'll call him Mr. Krogan – has recently purchased a further 4 pubs to add to his existing personal empire of 5. Whilst the likes of Punch Taverns have found that the ‘Limitless’ supply of suckers who will plough their pensions or savings into extraordinarily expensive leases with little or no change of getting their money back, let along making a profit, Mr. Krogan finds no issue with filling him tenancies.

    Charging a weekly rent in cash, much of which I suspect is unrecorded or disappears, he seems to be offering a ‘service’ which is great for the publican. Oh hang on, he’s the Licensing Officer, is there, or is there not a conflict issue here? When an issue, rent increase etc. occurs and has occured these couples find and have found that they rapidy become homeless and unemployed. Nice!

    There is a phrase, which I think goes something like:- ‘Power corrupts, infinite power corrupts infinitely’ Or something along those lines.

    What happened to ‘ The larger they are, the harder the fall’? More like ‘ The higher you get, the less reproachable you are’.

    Bring on the revolution!

  2. On the McNulty front I think his main home is actually closer to Westminster, (Hammersmith?), than his second home, or should I say his parents home, which is in Harrow.