Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club

Sheffield Wednesday are a Yorkshire football club, founded in 1895 by the boys of the Chimbley Sweeps & Sewer Grotters Guild, the club has had a long and illustrious history which includes such highlights as winning the Harry's Hardware Store Cup (Under 14's section) in 1996 and getting the runners up spot in the Team Fancy Dress event at Hillsborough Fair in 2001.

Let me take you on a photographic tour of Sheffield Wednesday.....

Wednesday's home ground, Hillsborough, is unfortunately built next door to Sheffield's main sewage works, and on rainy days, or after busy Friday nights, the works often overflow with unfortunate results for the footy fans next door.

It must be said, that parts of the stadium have seen better days, this damage was caused when fans overreacted at the most exciting event seen at Sheff Wed in recent years, Bob the pie seller unveiled a new batch of pies rumoured not to be made from dogfood.

Still, on a Saturday afternoon, the loyal fans throng to Hillsborough.

Sheffield Wednesday are famous for their loyalty to their players, pictured here is Tom Groatsworth who signed for the club in 1957 and is still the first choice striker every Saturday. Tom last scored a goal in 1958 but the fans love him and their chants of "The ball's over there you blind bugger" are a constant source of amusement at Hillsborough.

Owls manager Brian Laws has made a number of new signings in the January transfer window, pictured here is defender Salvovlan Misovlolich signed after an unfortunate transposition typing error listed his age as 29.

In recent years, Sheff Wed have struggled somewhat, and silverware has been hard to come by, as this glance at the club's trophy cabinet shows.

Still, every morning Brian Laws awards himself the egg cup, and his little toast soldiers make him feel just a little bit happier.

Things may be looking up for Wednesday though, this week the club announced a new Youth Scholarship programme to develop young players, and signed a new Youth Team Coach as well.....

(and the moral of this story is.....when elder brother in law allows you the use of his office and laptop, though shalt not write rude messages about Leeds United all over his notebooks.)

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  1. The Lurker7:42 pm

    Ha ha, this is the first chance I've had to look at your blog whilst being on my jollies! How dare you tarnish the great name of Sheffield Wednesday in such a way. Only a classless Leeds scummer would resort to such a low practice. I'd like to say you're better than that... but clearly a dirty Leeds fan can't be!