Saturday, April 18, 2009

"It Was Like Being Beaten By The Taliban"

So said Nicola Fisher, who was slapped and struck with a baton by a police officer at the G20 protests when she failed to heed his command to move back. There is no evidence though that Fisher had first hand experience of being beaten by the Taliban, unless she plays on line poker against them.

Nicola is so incensed at this apparent act of police brutality that she went straight to the office of the best lawyer in the country to demand justice. Max Clifford, oh hang on, that's not right is it, Clifford isn't a lawyer at all, he's that publicist bloke who turns the tawdry lives of talentless people into celebrity magazine fodder.

So, how is this for a conspiracy theory, out of work young woman attends tense protest, surrounds herself with film crews and press photographers, goads a policeman into hitting her, and then goes to a publicist and sells her story to make a quick buck. Hey, I'm not saying that it did happen that, but it could you know, it could.

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