Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ilkley Branded As White Middle Class Ghetto

"Best-selling author Jilly Cooper has leapt to the defence of Ilkley people after the town was branded “the most pretentious town in Yorkshire” by an online tourist guide.

She hit back after the Yorkshire Guide condemned Ilkley as “a white middle-class ghetto” where “you could spend days ... and not see a black face.”

Author Jilly, who grew up in Ilkley, said: “These comments are absolutely monstrous. I have lived in Ilkley and been back to Ilkley and it’s not a bit like that.

"It’s a ravishingly beautiful town. Ilkley is sweet, not smug – there is nothing pretentious about it.”

The author of the internet guide is Michael Collinson who works as an IT manager for the Ilkley-based internet firm UK Virtual College.

Mr Collinson, 50, who lives in Leeds, confirmed he was the owner of the website but declined to comment further."

The 'offending' article at Yorkshire Guide seems to have been removed.

I would just like to point out that Ilkers is a veritable hotpot of multi-culturalism, we have a very nice Polish girl who comes in to clean, there are at least two Scottish couples living in the town, I have personally met a man who once went on holiday to Turkey, and what is more, I did see a black face on the train last week, I think it was one of the chimbley sweep's lads.

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