Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello, This Is Radio 1, And This Is The News......For Idiots

I sometimes wonder at the level at which the news on Radio 1 is pitched, are their listeners really so thick that they need their headlines and news content dumbed down to this level, well two R1 listeners who texted in to this afternoon's news show sadly confirmed that it was true.

First up was Debbie, who felt she had to text R1 to announce that she had laid in extra stocks of tissues in case she contracted swine flu. Debbie, dear child, you have totally failed to comprehend the difference between swine flu, a slight sniffle and the bubonic plague, but you are prime R1 listener material.

Listener number two, whose name has not imparted itself to my memory, phoned up to expound his theory that Swine flu wasn't actually all that dangerous at all and therefore he would be ignoring all health advice and travel restrictions. His reasoning for this ? Because he had read somewhere that more people across the world die from peanut allergies. Yes, but not in such a short span of time, and if the bloke sitting next to on the bus dies from anaphylactic shock from a food allergy, it's not going to infect you is it you muppet ?!!

Radio 1, because our listeners really are this stupid.


  1. DSP Andy9:34 am

    Alarmingly these may be R1's brighter listeners...

  2. So true, like when they described the Speaker of the House of Commons as 'the bloke who goes order order'-truly appalling.

  3. Paddy8:56 am

    but do they listen to radio 1 because they are stupid or is listening to radio 1 making them stupid? If it's the later we can complain to the BBC and get them to take it off air. I think you only need 30000 people.

  4. they're young.

    forgive them for they know not what they do.

  5. To be serious, I do find it worrying that people can phone in with this kind of nonsense without the program's presentors saying anything to correct the misinformed and ill guided views that their contributors put forward.