Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dragon Problems ? Maiden In Need Of Rescue ?

You need a St. George then, slayer of mythical beasts, wearer of the red cross, saviour of princesses.

Happy St. George's Day everybody, it's great to be English.


  1. You choose English over British, the Anglo Saxon version over the 'aboriginal' Celtic version. Interesting. Certainly your surname has French roots, but to what percentage would you say your blood line is Celtic British and what percentage French, German or Scandinavian?

    Or are you actually 100 percent Yorkshire!

  2. If you're born in Yorkshire you're a Tyke whatever your racial background, and the same for being English, if you're born here, you're it.

    My family background though is English on Dad's side, my Mum was a Scot.

  3. So to you, although I'm as Yorkshire as you, I'm 1/2 Sassenach! Cool! Born in Leeds, lived within the bounds on Yorkshire all my life and still topped by a Chef!

    No, on a more serious point, oh hang on there is no more serious point then being a Yorkshire creature……….