Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Current Eulogy Length - War And Peace

You see, some people's lives written down would fit neatly into a pamphlet, other people have managed rather more stuff in their time and Grandad falls into the latter category. Everyone who passes on their condolences then goes on to say "and do you know about the time Tommy did....." followed by a long and funny story often involving beer / cars / horses / women / gambling / all five.

We've had a script meeting this afternoon to run everything past the legal advisers, to make sure we have included everyone who really needs to be included, and have missed out anyone who would be really offended / likely to launch legal action. Dad has compiled loads of notes for me to write from and many family members have added their own favourite anecdotes. It's coming together, and although we are presenting the Rough Guide rather than the Complete And Unabridged, it's still going be take a little while, I hope the seats at the crematorium are comfy.

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