Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Boy Done Good

We had a mildly busy day at work yesterday, 52 people for breakfast, three different lunch menus for 52 again, one a single course, the other 2 parties on different two course options, then a teatime buffet for 73, all the casual golfers that required feeding, and finally an evening meal service for 32.

Chef Phil worked alongside me like an absolute trooper to get all the daytime meals out and the evening meal prepped up, and we were ably supported by Mrs YS who ensures tht all the tables are set, the rooms tidy, the staff are in place, the wages paid, the tax done etc etc, and the waiting on crew for the day, Amelia, Rob and Sophie, and the bar staff Phil and Julia, well done everyone.

Now it is Saturday and we're going to do it all over again, a busy medal competition, buffet for 26, pie and peas for 80 to go out, 3 course dinner for 55. Hurrah, summer is here and we're earning money again.

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  1. Chef Phil, if YS says you've done well then, well you've done. Unlike me, he has an exciting life and very seldom comments about work unless it is really noteworthy!

    Good on you and I hope you enjoy working with YS as much as YS seems to enjoy working with you.