Monday, March 23, 2009

Woman goes to a hair salon in Geordieland

"What can ah dee f' yee pet"? asks the hairdresser.

"I'd like a perm, please", comes the reply.

"Whey aye", the scissor monkey says. "Ah wandered lernley as a cloud..."


  1. I feel like a total moron, but please explain this joke. I have googled it for an hour - that's long enough to give up and ask, right?

  2. Squirt10:10 pm

    MeHarmony, you're joking now right?! Perm....sounds like ?

  3. Alas, MeHarmony is not alone in his bewilderment.

  4. It's a pun on the Geordie accent in which 'perm' sounds somewhat like 'poem' so the hairdresser responds with some Wordsworth, only really works for Brits I'm afraid.

    I just wondered, do they do perms anywhere else ? A perm is where they apply some sort of solution to your hair to set a style (usually curls) in place.

  5. They're perms over here, too, YS. I can't think what else anyone would call them as permanent wave is the proper name, with perm being the shortened version.

    Great joke. My two best ever friends were/are Geordies, so the dialect isn't a problem here.

  6. I have read my fair share of Wordsworth, but that particular poem wasn't stuck in my brain. Thank you for the explanation.

    They do perms here in the US, but I think they're sort of out of style. I remember that smell when the hairdresser would come to the house to give mom a perm. Yuck.