Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tesco Town ? Not for Me

I have put in my objection to the proposed new Tesco superstore.

"I would like to express my objection to this application. I believe that the massive buying power and the ability to sell products at prices that no independent trader can hope to compete with will result in the loss of more of Ilkley's small traders and the skills and jobs that go with them.

Tesco have a well documented history of anti-competition strategy and we should do all we can to ensure that other business in Ilkley can be allowed to trade in a fair manner. By Tesco's own figures thy are seeking to take £5.7m from other business in Ilkley, this will result in the closure of many other shops and will leave Ilkley with less choice and amenities."

Register your objection here

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  1. Here in ‘sunny’ Selby we now have a Sainsbury’s, A Morrison and a Tesco’s. All very well if you like that sort of thing. I generally take my mother out to Pateley Bridge to a great butcher there, we buy our green grocery from various local farmers and ‘dry goods’ from Macro when I’m in the Leeds or Hull areas.

    Our town council have decided to pedestrianise our town centre for the ‘betterment of business’ What business?

    I’m in poor situation here really, our household food miles are considerable and our ‘carbon footprint’ as large as the Isle of Man, but we eat well, but we don’t often shop at any of the ‘Un super markets’.

    However in the middle of a rural area it is notable how many of our local suppliers have just vanished, I used to be able to get eggs from ‘John on the Lordship’ when they were so fresh they were still warm, not anymore, he can’t afford to compete. Spuds from ‘Stoggies’ have gone up from £4 to £6 a sack and the onions from Ullerskelf are all now heading to the kitchen at the pub, as they’re £6 a stone cheaper than from ‘B’ Brothers.

    Supermarkets are only super for the shareholders, they destroy the local supplier chain, local small holdings and ‘farm gate’ business. But they also bring into small towns a diversity of goods from around the world, which wouldn’t otherwise be available and , possibly, wouldn’t be missed.

    So I’m generally for the ‘little man’ but I’m not so strong in my opinion that I would consider boycotting them altogether, after all, some of the wine in Sainsbury’s is very good!