Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Terrorism Hits Sport

Cricket fans, and sports fans and decent people worldwide, will be shocked by the terrorist attack in Pakistan on the Sri Lankan team which resulted in the deaths of at least 5 policemen and injuries to six of the Sri Lankan squad.

Cricket to me has always been a sport that more than any other brought people of different races, politics and religions together. No matter that you were black or white, left wing or right wing, Christian or Muslim or anything else, it was the game that mattered.

The 2009 Champions Trophy was removed from Pakistan due to security worries, India and Australia have cancelled recent tours there and the Sri Lankan President has ordered his team to come home leaving cricket in Pakistan, one of the great nations of the game, in turmoil.

It obviously is the intention of the terrorists to drive us all into a new dark age age of extremism and we all, as good world citizens, will have to do whatever we can to resist this gradually rising tide of xenophobia, intolerance, ignorance and hatred.


  1. All acts of terrorism are senseless and shocking, but attacks like this are especially hard to wrap one's head around. How are players and fans a threat to anyone? What are they doing that's offensive?

  2. I think that what these people want to do is drvie us back into some sort of dark age of racial and religious intolerance. Cricket brings people of different skin colours and beliefs together, so obviously it's a target for the hate filled.