Monday, March 23, 2009

Stand Up If You Hate Man U

Football is about 51% loving your own team, and 49% hating the other blokes team, and the other bloke is usually a Man U fan. It was really good to be able to go into the bar as the Saturday afternoon games finished and announce that Man U had lost to Fulham, and even better that Scholes and Shrek had been sent off. If Ronaldo had been given his marching orders as well it might have been the perfect game.

Growing up in the Wharfe Valley, most of the children followed Leeds United, with a sprinkling of Bradford City fans. Wherever in the country you lived though, you would always know at least one Man U fan, the glory chasing, success following wannabe fans who would have chosen to support whichever team was doing well at the time.

Being a real football fan is all about struggle, crushing disappointment, defeats snatched from the jaws of victory and the gradual yet constant eroding of hope, or at least it is if you're a Leeds fan.

We all know how this season will end, LUFC will hammer MK Dons in the first play off which will give us a Wembley match against Millwall, in that game Beckford will stub his toe and go off injured early on, Becchio will be red carded for kicking the Millwall keeper but we will struggle on into extra time and penalties whereupon our first three penalty takers will all miss the net.

I'm getting my crushing disappointment in early this season, best to get it over with, then I can look forward to the start of the proper sport's season.

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  1. I saw the game against Fulham and was disgusted. Scholes just acted on instinct, so you could almost feel sorry for him. Rooney and Ronaldo were utter childish brats, though, as usual, and both should have been sent off. Hopefully Rooney gets an extra game added to his suspension for the tantrum as he was walking off.

    Have faith, Leeds will drag themselves out of the pit one of these years. I can't spare any sympathetic tears as I'm going to need them all for my team, I think. I've been a Newcastle fan since my teens, thanks to having a Geordie best friend. They're not relegated yet, of course, but it's not looking very promising.