Monday, March 23, 2009

Lurker In 'Not Hammered' Shock

Friends of The Lurker are said to be shocked by the news that he spent an entire evening drinking without falling asleep or wandering off in drunken stupor.

The Lurker is widely regarded as being one of Yorkshire's most feeble lightweights when it comes to consuming alcohol, often being found slumped unconscious in the corner of a pub after two pints of lager shandy, yet sources close to The Lurker claim that last night he was still upright and making vague sense after four, or perhaps even four and a half pints of bitter.

Lurker's friends were said to be pleased by the news, one said "He's really improved in the last couple of years, we're hoping that by the time he reaches 30 years old he might even get to hear last orders being called in a pub."

1 comment:

  1. I've decided I'm less likely to get 'hammered' if I stick to my bitter mate! I'm convinced local publicans lace my lager with Vodka and Absinth!!!

    Good night last night, altough Mrs Lurker was a little hungover this morning!!!