Thursday, March 26, 2009

If It Could Go Wrong, It Did

What an awful day at work, the boiler has broken down so we have no heating, we had the electricians in putting up some new lighting in the kitchen and so had to work in dark all morning, then the grill stopped working and I had to rush into town to buy a toaster, and to top it all off I misread the bookings sheet for the day.

With half an hour to until service there was a volley of swearing from me as I realised the party were not wanting the home made soup and bread we had spent half the morning making, but in fact had booked dessert instead of a starter. Luckily it was apple crumble so not too hard to knock out quickly, if it had been some more complex dessert we'd have been in trouble.

I was quite glad when the working day was over.


  1. So there electrical goblin has ravaged your wiring and in the dark you misread the bookings! So catch the goblin and make a starter out of him. ‘Pan fried goblin on a crisp salad of revenge’, anybody?

    Hope today goes a little more smoothly for you YS

  2. Squirt4:49 pm

    Glad I'm not the only one with days like that xxx