Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Home Office Figures Reveal Scale Of Police Corruption

"More than 1,000 serving police officers in Britain have criminal convictions, according to figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act."

"More than half of the 1,063 convictions relate to speeding or other motoring offences, 77 officers have convictions for violence and 96 for dishonesty."

Now, whilst it is quite annoying to be pulled over for speeding by a bloke who does exactly the same when he is out of uniform, it is quite another thing to be arrested for drugs offences when the arresting officer is a dope/smack user himself, as apparently 4 serving Surrey officers are.

"There are 96 serving police officers with convictions for offences of dishonesty, including theft, perverting the course of justice, fraud and forgery."

This seems to just plain wrong, what are the police forces involved thinking ? Set a thief to catch a thief.

The Lib Dems said that the actual figures could be far higher, as 10 police forces did not respond to the legal request for information, perhaps someone had stolen their files.


  1. YS you’re not wrong again, I was accused of a crime I did not, could not, and would not have committed. When cross examined to accusing officer declined to comment.

    Surely that is the action of the accused who knows he's / she's in the wrong? The issue cost me nearly 2 years of my life in total and has left a strong feeling of distrust for the police service. To offender eventually handed himself in, in Spain after 3 years and was never charged? Justice, I fear not!

  2. It was going to be a rant, but I can't be arsed.

  3. You should be arsed, we should not show apathy in the face of any injustice.

  4. And the injustice here is that the majority of police officers do an outstanding job in the face of abuse, violence, threats and worse, yet people like you jump on the bandwagon and take every opportunity to highlight short comings and failings of the minority.

    I deleted your blog from my favourites as a result of this article, but came back tonight as I decided that I had acted to hastily, however now that I have seen your latest cheap shot at the police, I definately won't be back again.

  5. Jeez, I take cheap shots at politicians, rock stars, sporting legends and my own profession, chefs, I have no sacred cows when writing satire.

    On a serious note though, this is a serious issue, certain police forces appear to be employing people, as police officers, who are themselves criminals. The Lib Dems have asked a perfectly legitimate Freedom Of Information question and it is worrying that some forces have refused even to respond.

    I do agree that on the whole the police do a great job and are generally under funded and buggered about by the Government, but that does mean that I should have a blind acceptance of everything that goes on. The Police, much like the Government, are an organisation that needs to be seen to the corruption free.