Sunday, March 08, 2009

Golfists, Stags, Lightweights

DSP Andy gets married next week to the lovely Eva (thanks Eva, it's an act of great charity ;-) ), yesterday we had the stag do as organised by Dr.P.

Organised ? Breweries and piss ups ? And yes we will be barracking you in Dutch next week. Vuilnes, vuilnes !

Anyway, the golf was poor, from mine and P's perspective anyway, DSP, Wosser and Dr. P played well, the meal was average, the service awful but at least the company was impeccable.

Sad old buggers that we are though, and partly due to the restaurant throwing us out midway through the evening, we ended up at DSP's house watching cricket at rather early o'clock. I did try to add an air of debauchery by single handedly draining DSP's stock of whiskey, but the other lightweights were all on mugs of Ovaltine. Oh dear lads, what happened to the hard drinking days of our youth, oh, they were back in our youth I suppose.

I love weddings, so I'm really looking forward to next week's bash, we'd better see if we can raise a few more glasses at the wedding than we did at the stag, cheers and congrats.

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