Saturday, March 14, 2009

Faded Star Announces Comeback Tour To Clear Massive Debts

Almost nobody queued for hours in the rain yesterday outside the O2 Arena to hear former star Gordy Jackson announce his money spinning UK tour. Gordy has been beset by financial troubles since his heyday in the 90's, the vast fortunes he amassed with his best selling "Prudence, Prudence" album vanishing as he squandered it on a series of sub prime mortgages.

Gordy Jackson said he would be performing all his old hits including 'Human Nature (is being thrifty)', 'Wanna Be Starting A Financial Recovery' and the song that most encompasses the latter part of his career, 'Bad.'

Jackson said that he would not performing one of his old hits, "Black Or White" as it no longer made any sense, he than sneezed and his nose fell off.

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