Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dark Days Once Again

I am sure that we all hoped that the scene above, the funeral of PC Stephen Carroll, was a scene that had been condemned to the past, that we had managed to put aside enough of our differences to talk to each other, to live in peace, to walk into the future not perhaps as close friends, but at least not as enemies.

The hate filled terrorists are still out there though, and although up until the murders of PC Carroll and two soldiers from the Engineer Regiment, Mark Quinsey and Patrick Azimkar there had been very little reporting of high level violence in Northern Ireland, that is not to say that the terrorists ever really went away.

I have got to be honest, and say that the sight of Garry Adams and Martin McGuinness is never going to fill me with glee, but when even these two men are prepared to condemn these cowardly murders, and members of Sinn Fein attend the funeral of a police officer then that is a symbol that the world can change, that we can be better people, that we can put aside hate.

The attacks by the two breakaway parts of the IRA have achieved nothing except to unite the decent people of the UK and Ireland in a shared sense of revulsion and a renewed determination never to allow the coward with a gun to rule our lives. There are people in Northern Ireland though who know who these murderers are and who are allowing them to operate under their silence and protection. Three men died this week, a husband, two sons, and if you offer shelter to, or turn a blind eye from the killers of these men, then your finger rests on the trigger, their blood is on your hands.

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