Saturday, March 07, 2009

Album Review : White Whale Records Sampler Vol 1***

White Whale Records are a Toronto based company, their niche judging by this free LP is light indy / modern folk (rock), this album showcases 7 of the 10 artists on their roster.

Inside The Cinema - Culture Reject**
Multi-instrumentalist Michael O'Connell's track here is sort of nice, but then rather forgettable, light and folky with a hint of Fleet Foxes and a slightly downbeat vocal style.

Culture Reject MySpace

Run From Safety - Octobermen****
Octoberman sound like an even more mournful version of The Decemberists, that said, this track, the title track from their is probably the best on this sampler LP, probably because musically at least it is the most upbeat track. I could be tempted into buying their album.

Octobermen MySpace

Wear 'Em Out - The Mohawk Lodge***
This song should have been better than it is, it's quite catchy, has a nice woah-oh-oh sort of sing-a-long chorus, but it is just a little bit too restrained and dispirited, if the band had just let themselves go a little this would have been good.

The Mohawk Lodge MySpace

Prairie Train - Precious Feathers**
A rather dull and uninspired piece of music from the Vancouver based instrumental quartet, sorry lads but you're really not setting the world on fire with this.

Precious Feathers MySpace

The Airways - Castle Project***
Hints at the Verve or Radiohead perhaps, as with The Mohawk Lodge, I thought this track wasn't bad, but just didn't seem to really get going, maybe these Canuck indy types just don't like sounding happy.

Castle Project MySpace

About Every 12 Hours - Kids These Days**
And just for a change, some lightweight indy with folky tinge and more than a passing hint of emo. I do like Marc Morisette's high pitched lovely clear vocals though.

Kids These Days MySpace

Cave Smoking - Poorfolk***
Not too dissimilar to Thrice in their quiter moments, the guitar playing more than than the vocals perhaps, again, and this is the recurrent theme on this album, it is quite good without being really catchy.

You can buy download albums from the White Whale catalogue on a 'pay what you can afford' basis.....White Whale Store.

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