Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Migrants Steale Ye Englishe Jobbes

From today's Maile Of Ye Daye....

English jobs are under threat from hordes of migrant Picts who have illegally entered the country. Up to 30,000 English jobs may have been gone as the Pictish migrants take jobs without paying tax and often having murdered the job's previous incumbent.

Border Officer Centurion Mordius Secundius said "It's becoming a real problem keeping them out, they just walk over the border, kill people and then steal their jobs, homes, wives and cattle. Honestly I'm at my wits end knowing what to do, perhaps Emperor Hadrian should just build a bloody big wall."

The Maile Of Ye Daye wants to know if you have seen Pictish / Turkish / Italian migrant workers in your community ? If so write to Paule Daykre at Maile Of Ye Daye or if you are an ignorant illiterate shit covered peasant, congratulations ! You're our target audience.

(Picture from Dream Art Studio)

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