Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Crap Being Awake At 4am

Unless you have just come back from an awesome gig / party or are having wonderful, astonishing wild sex, but I'm not, I'm just having a bout of insomnia. Doubtless the knock to my normal sleep pattern provided by our sleep free (but heavy on the turbulence) night flight on Friday is to blame, but knowing what has triggered the insomnia does nothing towards halting it.

Pattern so far, no sleep Friday night on bouncy plane, had to stay up until 1.30 on Sunday morning to lock up but then I slept through for about six hours, felt like death warmed over all day at work on Sunday, Sunday night went to bed just after midnight, got back out of bed at 3am after not getting to sleep, went back at 4.30am and managed two hours sleep. Yesterday I felt even worse, so I went to bed in the afternoon and managed an hour and a half asleep, then went to bed at 8pm and got an hour's sleep, but lay awake from about 9pm to 2.30am, when, going mad, I got back up and went downstairs to read for a couple of hours, back to bed at 4.30 and slept until 6.30am.

Yesterday I had no coffee after 9am, no booze, didn't overeat, had a hot chocolate and a sleeping pill before bed in the evening, but my insomnia appears to be stronger than my sleeping tablet.


  1. Ahh, so thats how the jet lag is going :)

    I too have suffered, what with the dreaded lurgy that Meg cast upon us all while away on holiday it has been a true joy.

    Last night was the first full (ish) nights sleep that I got and the first night that both the kids have slept right through too.

    Hope you get over it soon mate, still it was worth it, what a holiday :D

  2. Meg's been to the doctors and is on a course of antibiotics now, arn't we all the picture of holiday health.

  3. The Lurker9:23 am

    Sorry to hear that. I reckon a mammoth walk in the fresh air is called for, then a nice hot bath when you get back. That might help knowck you out?!