Friday, February 27, 2009

Can You Spare A Couple Of Quid

I am sure that like myself, you may be worried that former public employees may be falling on hard times in the current era of financial gloom. There are people who have selflessly dedicated themselves to their jobs, to looking after the British public and the nation and who are now having to exist on a state pension.

Tony Blair (pictured above) is one of these unfortunate souls.

Mr Blair gave the best years of his life to managing the country, and now that he has left office he has been forced into a series of part time jobs, giving speeches to Spanish businessmen for £240,000 an hour, helping out at his local branch of JP Morgan Bank for a paltry £2.5million a year, then the poor soul his to travel to another bank, Zurich Financial Services just in order to pick to pick up another measly £2million a year. In a show of charity Mr Blair was awarded the Dan David Prize at Tel Aviv University for successfully solving the Middle East peace talks crisis, but where can you spend £650,000 in today's shops ?

Tony has managed to scrape together about £15million since he was callously kicked out of his job by Gordy Brown, really people, is that enough for a family man to exist on ?

Poor Mr Blair receives a taxpayer funded state pension of a mere £63,468 annually, plus an allowance of £84,000 to fund an office.

If you think that this situation is as appalling as I do then please write to your MP and ask "Why is this greedy money hungry git funded from the public pocket whilst nurses and police officers are being sacked and the Royal Mail pensions fund seems to have evaporated ?"

Failing that, you could always send Tony a couple of quid from your own pocket.

Oh, hang on, you already are.

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