Monday, February 16, 2009

Book Review : A Piece Of Cake - Cupcake Brown*****

500 pages of unremitting misery, but with a big splash of hope at the end. Cupcake Brown's life story is appalling, from the age of 11, after her mother's death, she experiences almost nothing but abuse, rape, prostitution and drugs, and drugs in such huge amounts that it makes the habits of famous users like Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy pale into insignificance.

Brown's life makes for a compelling if dreadful tale, for the members of my own sex it raises some disturbing questions as well, just how many men are there who would force or pay an 11 year old child for sex ? Brown seems to find no end of men willing to pay for paedophilia. The easy availability of drugs is simpler to understand, pushers will sell to anyone willing to buy.

There is one question that came to mind when reading this autobiography and that is, how on earth did Brown remember such a wealth of detail from her recent past, she admits to having numerous blackouts from alcohol and drug use, and her liberal use of every kind of drug known to man must surely have made her memory a slightly unreliable witness.

Her rise from the wreckage of her own life is inspiring in its own way, we would applaud anyone who had managed to kick a drug habit and get themselves back into normal society in any way, but for Brown to achieve the academic and career success that she has is truly remarkable.

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