Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Animal Kingdom

Which is Disney's recreation of an African wildlife reserve, we went out on the 'safari', actually a very safe but very bumpy truck ride around the enclosures containing the animals that were least likely to eat the visitors. It really was bumpy, as my numerous wobbly, blurry photographs will demonstrate, here is out of focus vanishing Gnu......

And indistinct warthog....

I also got snaps of dissapearing Lion, off centre Giraffe and just moved off frame Rhino, it's harder than it looks this wildlife photography lark.

Then though, as the truck pauses for a moment, a flock of White Ibis fly past and I manage the only decent shot of the whole safari ride.

It was a bit easier to take pics of the caged animals as we walked around, I liked the fruibats.

And the Tigers, although I am glad that they were on the other side of a very thick sheet of glass.

There were also these strange creatures......

Stephen's expression is the result of about my 15th attempt at taking a picture without him looking like he's entering the all Yorkshire Gurning Competition and my ever more exasperated cries of "Stop doing that, you look like Albert Steptoe".

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