Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All Change

I'm just playing with a new look for the blog, a bit of a tidy up.

It isn't finished yet, I'll add the blog list and other stuff later on.

As regards the "link within" gadget that is supposed to show three related stories below each post, I have seen that working well on more 'single issue' blogs (food review blogs for example), on Yorkshire Soul it just seems to be picking three posts at random, so it might get removed again.


Righty ho, I have added a blogroll, my links, the searchable 'labels' list which I know makes the page over four hundred feet long but I like it, blog archives and post counter, and got rid of various blog rolls, gumph and things that I once used but have stopped using, the comments are now on blogger as well.

There are about a thousand different widgets you seem to be able to add to Blogger blogs now, I'll keep the LinkWithin widget for the moment, unless I get a load of "it's annoying / distracting" comments, Van gogh of the day, Dali of the day, news items of the day, can't seem to find Naked Hot Goth Chick Of The Day though.....


  1. Dead sheep, Christmas day, dinner with the Candians, and those are 'related' to the story ? Pfffft.

  2. Nah, they ain't related to tthe story, they might be supposed to be, but as your blog is random and ecclectic, it fits in very well, i like it :)

    Got over the jet lag yet?

    Thanks for a fantastic holiday.

  3. No, I'm realy suffering with insomnia still, but the holiday was great :-)

  4. hmm. finding the new look a bit weird. sure I'll get used to it. harder to work out what the story is in amongst the other gubbins.
    You're right about the linkwithin thing - no real relation to previous stories.
    Personally, I'd like a little more width for the actual content column, compared to the rhs gubbins. Mind you, my monitor is 1900 pixels wide...

  5. LinkWithin has gone, the stories it was flagging were not relevant to the one I had posted, and readers are right, it did make the page look cluttered.