Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 Things

As I have been tagged about a dozen times on Facebook and have not responded yet.

1) I like coffee, a lot, for preference espresso, I can't be doing with the cocktail coffees like latte and double skinny mocha vanilla cream whatevers, just black and strong please.

2) I have an unreasonable dislike, or perhaps a reasonable one, for men who say "black and strong, just like I like my women" when you ask them how they would like their coffee.

3) Through extensive research I have determined that Dublin is the city with the highest concentration of chavs and scutters, followed closely by Huddersfield.

4) I would never willingly wear a tracksuit away from a sports field.

5) If my wife allowed me, I would dress in a much more punk/goth fashion than I do.

6) I think that 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' may have the most perfect film script ever, in fact, it might just be the best film ever made.

7) I like my steak rare, almost raw in fact, if you're going to eat real meat then you should eat it bloody, cooking steaks and beef joints to well done is pointless, you may as well just eat burgers.

8) Although I work very hard, and do very long shifts, I am actually inherently lazy and would gladly spend all day reading and dossing on the computer.

9) I like being alone, reading on my own, going for long hikes on my own, I'm not anti-social per se but sometimes I do like to be without other people.

10) Driving is rubbish, being driven somewhere is much better, then you can read in the passenger seat.

11) I think the Yanks are more polite and better mannered than the Brits.

12) I love Paris, even though the waiters sometimes really are as rude as rumours say, and the Parisienne woman are the most fashionable in the world, the only chavs in Paris are Brits on day trips.

13) Apathy annoys me, whether it is political / religious / social, make your bloody mind up, have an opinion, and use your vote.

14) 3 websites I visit almost every day

15) I love sci-fi, I think I've been born a few centuries too early, I would love to live in Iain M Banks 'Culture' or the 'Polity' of Neal Asher.

16) I'm like The Wildhearts' song 'Rooting For The Bad Guy', Darth Vadar and the Stormtroopers ought to win, they have by far the best theme music and uniforms, who'd want to wear the crappy brown rags of the rebels ?

17) If you are not a reader and dismiss reading as boring, I will think less of you.

18) I love my family and friends, especially the children, I don't have children of own so it's always lovely to spend time with the gang - Joseph, Ellie, Stephen, Natalie, Joshua, Kayleigh (and another on the way Andy & Eva !). I have a very small circle of close friends and that's fine by me, quality not quantity.

19) I have never been arrested, or even seriously questioned by a policeman.

20) I somtimes describe myself in political terms as an anarchist-socialist, by this I mean more in the spirit of those who raised the black flag in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War rather than the tossers who just want to throw bricks at policemen.

21) I can't understand why a nation that has the power and resources of the USA can't brew a single decent pint of beer.

22) Cricket is the best sport in the world, if you believe this to be untrue and think that football is, it is because you have have the mental accuity of a Sun reader.

23) I sometimes like to sit in a pub, on my own, having a few pints and reading a book, note to morons - this is through personal choice, if you have something relevant or interesting to say then feel free to engage me in conversation, especially if it concerns books. If though you are about to make some dull jibe about me being a billy no mates or reading because there is no-one interesting to talk to then please note - you are most likely not the captivating and engaging conversational companion I was looking for.

24) I don't know how I would manage without my wife, I am all creativity and chaos, she is all organisation and order. This works perfectly for our business, Meg does the books and rota's and schedules, I do the cooking and service, she's wonderful.

25) Yorkshire is the most perfect place to live, although I often briefly love the places I manage to visit around the world, I would miss home if I lived somewhere else. Ilkley is very pretty and pleasent, I'd probably live in Kettlewell given the choice (the hills!).

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