Thursday, January 01, 2009

White Wells New Year's Day Plunge 2009

Come on in folks, the water's lovely. By 'eck it was cold though.

Nearly all the girls who said that they would come and plunge with us chickened out (Lucy - Beth etc. shame on you), but Alex turned up in a splendid bathing suit and did a very fast dip, well done girl.

Brother Rob takes the plunge, he's emigrating in a week, presumably so I can't get him involved in any more stupidity like this.

Brian looks like he's in the bath, Patrick looks horrified.

Well done to all the gang that came up and jumped in with us, Mr Moosehead and Will came and provided some bizarre Lithuanian fruit vodka, bizarre, but not undrinkable. I think the addition of alcohol to this year's proceedings was a good touch. And to all the soft lads and lasses that couldn't raise themselves from their pits, pfffft!

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