Saturday, January 10, 2009

Walking - Home Beat

You Sir/Madam, are a twunt, I don't know anything else about you except that you are a littering twunt, there is a dissapointing amount of litter on the moor at the moment, especially up at Whetstone Gate where chavscum can drive up and distribute their McDonalds wrappers and coke cans around the landscape.

Bloody idiot, who on earth takes an umbrella to go hiking ? You're an idiot of staggering proportions, and then when the bloody thing blows inside out you've just dumped it ?! Scum.

This is my moor, stay the hell away. I know this might go against all the stuff I write about the Dales, but really, if you're a littering scutter, or an off road motorbiker or 4 wheel driver, then just bugger off, it's my moor and I don't want you on it. If, on the other hand, you're a decent person who takes nothing but pictures and leaves nothing but footprints, then feel free to wander around.

The Dalesway Link heading up the moor from White Wells, it's a cold and dank day, but there were quite a few folk up on the moor, hikers, dog walkers, the odd runner.

The Lanshaw Lad stone, with my crappy hiking pole that collapsed when I first put any serious weight on it, hmmm, well it's either lose some weight or buy a new pole.

I don't want to upset anyone about this, but.....there are at least three small memorials around the moor at the moment. I have no objection in principle to this, after all, when I'm dead and gone I would quite like my ashes scattered somehwere inthe Dales uplands. It would be nicer though if the memorials were not made of plastic, perhaps a simple wooden cross or memorial holder with some flowers would be better. Further across the moor a family have placed a number of bunches of flowers atop a boulder in rememberance of their grandparents, this would be nice but now that the flowers have rotted all that remains are the guady looking plastic wrappers.

This is what you come hiking for, apart from the exercise and fresh air it's the stunning views across the Yorkshire lanscape that you have come to see, the broad sweep of natural beauty carved by God's hand, the awe inspiring fells and waterfalls, the mountains and screes, the woods and rivers. Except, some days it is just like this, the clouds descend to the hill tops and you're left trudging along in a landscape wrapped in dirty looking cotton wool.

Some stones, I think these are the Thimble Stones ? They have lovely erosion markings across them.

Look at the view !! It's the middle of the day and it looks like night. Fogbound night at that. Still, if you won't walk in the rain or fog, then you won't walk in Yorkshire (applicable even in July).

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  1. Where there's no sense there's no feeling or in White Wells case - where there's no feeling there's no sense. Last time I took to the waters it was only knee high and that were deep enough.

    Fully agree with you about the memorials and litter. Moors are wild places and must be kept that way. Though one point I would ask of you.

    Please note which Moor the Apostle Stones are on. Burley Moor have theirs on most OS maps. I've yet to find the Apostle Stones on Ilkley Moor.