Saturday, January 10, 2009

Walking - Home Beat

I know this is hardly the most inspiring photograph I have put up here, but back in the days of Hydro Therapy in Ilkley and Ben Rhydding, this site used to be a pavillion. I had a link to a history site with some more information about it, but I seem to have misplaced it, perhaps one of the Ilkley regulars could help out ?

There is a photograph of the 'Moorland Inn' over at the Francis Frith Photogrpahy site. A couple of stock photo sites list this as the Moorland Inn, but is it correct ?

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  1. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Tea pavilion was opened in July 1921, (long after 'Hydropathy' had gone out of fashion.) Pavilion was demolished in October 1971 in 'controlled burning' arranged by the Ilkley Urban District Council.