Thursday, January 15, 2009

Those Leeds United January Transfers In Full

Injury List as of 15/01/09

Julian Beckford, 2-4 weeks, hamstring
Frazer Richardson, 1-2 months, broken rib
Enoch Showumni, 4 months ? Blood clot on lung
Mansouir Assouimiaaniai, left off team sheet - too hard to pronounce

Transfers Out
None, although we will sell Delph to Scumchester on the last day of the transfer window

Transfers In
Lee Trundle, free, 35 year old Trundle has had a mildly successful season with Bristol City, he appeared in Saturday's game after a two match not losing streak and instantly showed his class as Leeds lost 2-0 to Cardiff, well done Lee.

Karl Dickerson, free, 57 year old Dickerson published his autobiography "Always a player, never a winner" last year in which he fondly remembered his days with non league Hamwich Town, non league Affteron and non league Oven Ready Tesco Chicken £2.99 This Weekend Only (controversial name change from Upper Popplington FC in 1997 to avoid bankruptcy proceedings). He said that he was surprised to have been signed by LUFC, but would help out wherever he could, considering his current wheelchair bound status this may be making tea in the directors board room.

Peter Andre, free, 36 year old Andre said yesterday "Yeah I love doing these reality shows, so what's this one ? Big Brother LUFC House ? Well I'll give it a go, it'll be a laugh."

Some Leeds United fans over the age of 40 can still remember when we had a team that could actually kick a ball into a net, or in Gary Sprake's case, our own net.

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