Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pensioner Asked For ID To Purchase Wine

BBC report

Whilst this may seem funny at first, I think there is an age at which it is fine to ask for proof of age, and then when you reach a certain age it becomes idiotic and plain offensive. I was challenged in the USA a couple of years ago, I was 39 at the time, the restaurant we were in (a TGI Fridays) we were only in because Meg had a migraine so we picked the closest place to the hotel to dine in. At first I thought the waitress was joking when she refused to bring me a pint of beer without seeing ID, then when it became obvious she was serious, I was offended.

You wouldn't mind this sort of police state behaviour if it was actually applied sensibly, but I am sure that the pubs and bars near you are just like the ones near me, and that any time you pop in for a pint you can't get near the bar because the entire 5th form of the local school are in in there getting wasted on bilberry vodka jelly shots.

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