Thursday, January 22, 2009


We popped into Nando's today for a bite to eat, what a strange set up this chain restaurant is.

Firstly, you have to join a queue at the till and place your own order for which you have to pre-pay (obviously the normal Nando's customer is prone to doing a runner without paying), I can barely remember what me and the missus wanted, for a table of four I'd have no chance, if we came out as a larger table I'd have to order one of everything on the menu and hope that people could find something they liked when it arrived.

You have to fetch your own soft drinks, your own condiments, serviettes and cutlery, and to be honest about the state of the eating irons, you have your clean your own knife and fork before you want to get them anywhere near your mouth.

Drinks are an exorbitant cost, I had a bottle of some very average lager, Super Bock I believe, which cost £2.95 for a poxy just over half pint bottle. Three quid for half a pint of factory made lager ! That's really shocking.

On the way there is a box marked "staff tips", I'm sorry, but I usually tip well when I receive good service, but at Nando's I appear to have done most of the jobs that I normally give a top for.

I'm sure they are working on ways to make the "Nando's Grill Your Own Food" and "The Nando's Dishwashing Experience" all part of the fun.

The food isn't bad, but all that service cost cutting doesn't seem to reduce the cost of the food, a cheap to produce platter of olives-humous-pitta starter, a grilled chicken breast in pitta, a half grilled chicken and chips, a soft drink, two lagers, no change from £35.

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