Friday, January 23, 2009

How The Government Is Spending Our Money
(And what the unions are doing with your money)

Is there anyone who does not think that the decision to award Northern Rock staff a bonus is wrong headed and ill thought out ?

The reasoning behind the bonus is that the "staff met targets on repaying the bank's £26bn loan from the government." I'm sorry, but ever since I first took out a mortgage I have never once been behind in my repayments, and in the past few years I have even managed to make a modest extra payment each year, and for this consistent level of prudence and good money management how much do you think the bank gave me as a cash reward ? Nothing, not a penny, zilch.

Unite national officer Rob MacGregor said: "Unite members and staff at the bank have worked exceptionally hard in extremely difficult circumstances." But so are we all mate, the fact is though that your members are only in a job because of a huge financial bail out with public money, and to give a further bonus to your members, or more public money, will rather stick in the craw of the tens of thousands of folk whose jobs have not been saved by Government intervention.

Unite Union chief Derek Simpson has been made to feel mildly uncomfortable himself after it was revealed last week that his renumeration package includes a house for life paid for from the subs of union members as part of his £194,000 annual deal.

"Internal papers show that Mr Simpson demanded that the union cover his tax bill for his home "to make it affordable". The perk was worth almost £40,000 in 2007, boosting to £194,252 the total value of the general secretary's remuneration." - from the Daily Telegraph. I wonder how many of Mr Simpson's members earn as much in a year as his housing perk is worth, not many I'll bet.

Mr Simpson's package was improved by 17% last year, and I can only assume that the thousands of members of his union that have been thrown out of work in the past few weeks (and those still employed) are delighted that the subs deducted from their pay packets each week have gone to fund his lavish lifestyle which apparently includes "taking helicopters to the Glastonbury festival" (The Times). Helicopters ? Well, when you're earning as much as the fat cats you used to complain about, you don't want to be rubbing shoulders with the working class on public transport any more do you ?

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