Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fair Listen 5

Oh dear, I am failing badly at this. When I started my listening project I already had 1734 artists in my Scrobbler library, and I was going to convert all the single listens into at least an album's worth of songs heard, but only a few weeks into the year and I now have 1779 artists listed, so that's at least 45 albums worth of new music to hear in addition to all the singles I had in the library to begin with.

I have also downloaded some free sampler albums from Emusic, so that's likely to add another 30 or so new artists to my library in the next couple of weeks, and from a closer examination of my library, two thirds of the artists have less than ten listens to their name, lots of music to get through then.

Have I discovered any hidden gems so far in the deepest recesses of my Scrobbler list ?

Mediaevil Baebes - With their mix of traditional and "new" baroque classical and beautiful vocal arrangements, I could listen to a lot of their music.

Fleet Foxes - I got their debut album on sale for a fiver at HMV, it's a sort of lightweight pop folk with classical hints, very lovely music.

Angtoria - a UK/Swedish symphonic metal band whom I think I've mentioned before.

And a few acts who, surprisingly, I have hardly listened to since joining Scrobbler, Slade, Kiss, UFO, Molly Hatchett, Ash, Sabbat, Jimmy Cliff.

Yorkshiresoul Scrobbles

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