Sunday, January 11, 2009

Credit Crunch Ilkley

So how is posh, wealthy Ilkley coping with the recession so far ? Not that well at all if you judge it by the amount of empty shops and restaurants around town.

A view common in another 814 high streets across the country, Woolworths has gone for good.

Further down Brook Street, Jag stands empty, I don't think I had ever been into this shop, looks like it was a mobile phone place.

Rockey Valley Deli had come to the end of their current lease in mid November, a real shame, I loved their pates. Sarah is still doing outside catering (according to the notice on the door) and can be contacted on 01943 431822, 0794 0853196. The next shop along is standing empty as well.

Half of the inside part of the Moors Centre is currently unoccupied.

Closing down sale at the rear of the Grove.

The Grove restaurant didn't last all that long, and has now stood empty for ages. There was a plan to re-open it as a bar/cafe, but that got kicked into touch by local residents.

Opposite The Grove almost, I don't recall what this empty shop was.

Cafe Bar 52 has joined the list of short lived businesses at this below ground level location.

I think there are a couple more shops (the computer place is one) empty on the Leeds Road parade as well. What does concern me is Ilkley might get more charity shops taking the place of money generating, wage paying businesses, we need proper, succesful shops in the centre of town, not more posh second hand shops staffed largely by volunteers.

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