Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Bookmark Monster

It isn't the sock monster at our house, it's the bookmark monster. I must have bought dozens of bookmarks over the years, but most often when I start a new book I have to resort to holding my page with a scrap of old newspaper or half a used envelope. What's happened to all the bookmarks, where did they all go ?

After hiking around the moors yesterday afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to find that All Saints Parish Church was open in the middle of the afternoon, so I popped in for a quick prayer and result! For a small donation I could pick up a load of free bookmarks as well.

I love hiking in the Dales, and you find that quite a lot of the small parish churches in the higher Dales are open all day long, so although I'm rarely seen at what is nominally my own church at St. Mary's Burley-in-Wharfedale, I do pop into church to say thanks (and when you've spent the day in the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales there's a lot to be grateful for), I hope God doesn't mind this scatter gun approach to worship.

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