Thursday, January 08, 2009

Book Review : Monster Island - David Wellington****

Zombies ! The walking dead have overrun the world and eaten pretty much everyone bar a few desperate survivors. Yes I know it's a well worked old horror plot, but zombies are the one horror creature that really scare me and I have a weird fascination with them and with the idea of the destruction of humanity in general.

The Author David Wellington originally offered this novel and its sequels online ( at Brokentype), but I still think that for real reading, the good old paper book is the best, after all, if you drop it in the bath it is much cheaper to replace than your laptop, Iliad or E-reader.

I digress, Monster Island is a fairly traditional gore strewn zombie apocalypse novel with some neat twists. Twist one, well who is really going to survive the zombie rising, American gun nuts ? Possibly. Gun toting child soldiers serving a Somali warlord ? Definitely. Twist two, not all the undead are unintelligent, and if there's one thing worse than a shambling undead cannibal, its a shambling undead cannibal with a mind of its own.

Monster Island fairly rips along, its packed with guns and bombs, psychotic child soldiers and a cast of millions in the form of the flesh seeking undead (plus flesh seeking zombie pigeons, eek!), it certainly isn't the most intelligent book you might read this year, but it is a whole lot of (quite literally) visceral fun.

(Thanks to Andy & Eva for my Christmas pressies)

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