Saturday, January 03, 2009

Book Review : Labyrinth - Kate Mosse*

What a turgid tome this is, seven hundred pages in which not a lot happens at a snail's pace. The dialogue and characters are thinly sketched and unrealistic, the plot creeps from scene to scene with no tension or any sense of revealment.

Labyrinth takes place in two timelines, back in twelve hundred odd the Cathars are being persecuted by the French, their lands stolen and their faithful burnt on the pyre, this all sounds like good action packed stuff, but if Tim Willocks' middle ages novel The Religion was like having Brian Blessed shouting "BLOOOOOOOOOD" into your face, Mosse's novel is like having a small girl whisper "stubbed toe" from the other side of a field.

I found it almost impossible to get into the dual characters of Alais in the past or Alice in the present, although of the two the modern day character was the worst, steered from situation to situation by the author in the most heavy handed and dully obvious manner.

Labyrinth was a winner of Richard & Judy's Book Club, which from the look of the website is more a way for the daytime tv pair to sell books and rake in more money than a serious discussion about literature. This novel is so poor that you really would have to think carefully about choosing any other novels based on a recommendation by these two.

Labyrinth has been an international best seller, well according to the cover blurb, by this I can only assume that an awful lot of readers are very easily pleased. Awful, dull and far, far too long, avoid at all costs.

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  1. I thought it was shite too. xxxx