Friday, January 23, 2009

Bok Review : For Crying Out Loud - Jeremy Clarkson***

I quite enjoyed Clarkson's earlier compilations, he is funny and clever, quite able to be devil's advocate to raise a smile, but.....

In this volume however I find his constant outpourings of hatred and distaste for the poor, the disadvantaged, immigrants and environmentalists to be tired and to a degree, repugnant. Clarkson's flirtations with racism in his 'blame it all on the immigrants' diatribes are not pleasant reading, and although his earlier columns when he declared his Canute like resistance to the rising tide of environmental awareness were amusing, his constant determination that there is no global warming and his active opposition to the same just seems petty and pointless.

Still, in other rants against political correctness, health and safety, the anti fun lobby in general, he is still very funny and acerbic.

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