Friday, January 23, 2009

Album Review : 11 Dots - Various Artists***

11 Dots showcases the talents, or lack of, of 11 eMusic employees.

Eastern European Girls - Letters Lost***
A fairly standard light rocker, it's ok.
Letters Lost MySpace

Let Me Show You - Johnny Marnell***
Nice voice, but the song is just a little bland, poppy AOR/MOR semi-ballad with light guitar work.
Johnny Marnell MySpace

Dangle Tangle - Kotorino****
Weird tango rythm with some spaghetti western inspired horns, very odd, I like it a lot.
Kotorino MySpace

Completely Incomplete - Verystereo****
Another indie tinged semi-ballad, he's got a good voice and the song is nicely put together, I think this is a 'radio friendly unit shifter' sort of song.
There is a MySpace page tagged Verystereo, but I'm not convinced it's the same artist.

Remedy - Diablo Royale***
Good crunchy hard rock, but perhaps rather too similar to Audioslave, but technically good if a little lacking in soul.
Diablo Royale

Corpus Christie - Assembly Of Dust****
It sounds a little like a throwback to light 70's folk rock (Crosby Stills etc), actually it sounds a lot like that, but it's nicely sung. AOD have thre full albums available from eMusic.
Assembly Of Dust MySpace

Repeat Transmission - nonplusx*
A collection of almost random electronic beeps over a faint keyboard line does not make a song.
nonplusx MySpace

Who Am I Supposed To Be - Denise Yantin**
Yantin seems to be slightly lacking in range, and it's the sort of, yet again, rockish balladish thing you've heard a million times before, Alanis Morisette sems to have been an influence.
Denise Yantin MySpace

Mother Heart - Vulgaras***
Very slow goth/stoner rock, they look like Mr. Manson's backing band. They have two albums, only one of which you can get fromeMusic, how odd.

Helsinki - Keith Patchel*
More electronic crap, it's not a song, or a good piece of music.

Messages - Goodbye Picasso**
Light indie/folk/rock, but just too sparse for my taste.
Goodbye Picasso

This is a free sampler album (free to subscribers only though I would think) from

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