Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Who Wants To Manage Leeds United ?

Really, who in their right mind would come and work for Mad Ken Bates ?

Gary McAllister is one of LUFC's all time heroes, widely loved and respected at the club and was a very popular choice for manager. The club appears to have given the manager no funds for transfers, all tranfers in this season are either free or are recorded as undisclosed so Mac has managed the club on a zero budget, he has admitted in interviews that he has been unable to compete financially to prevent players and staff from taking positions elsewhere.

The treatment of Gary Mac has been shoddy and leaves a sour taste in the mouths of the Leeds fans, there will be a lot of Leeds supporters who despite being displeased with the club's current league position, will be upset by the sacking of McAllister, it feels like we betrayed him.

Leeds United are no longer a first division side languishing in the third division, if we ever were. Leeds are now a third division team in the third division, and despite the seemingly endless financial problems at LUFC, the chairman might well have to findd some money to bring some second division players into the club if he wants us to win promotion to that league.

Of course, if it was not for the disastrous timing of the announcement of insolvency proceedings at Leeds United the club would have been promoted to the Championship at the end of last season, and who made that almighty cock up ? Stand forward Ken Bates.

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