Sunday, December 28, 2008

WAR !!!

Down in 0.0 space, where the Concorde Police force fear to fly, we're always at war, if you fly into one of our claimed systems and on the scanner you appear as grey (neutral) or worse, red (enemy), then you can expect blue ships to be ganking you (shooting at you) rather quickly, and if you lose your ship you might get podded as well (we'll kill your clone pod after your ship blows up).

Up in Empire though, it is usually peaceful, but then our sworn enemies in Goonfleet paid a couple of mercenary corporations to attack us in high security space as well. We found out where they lived, a trading hub system called Amarr, got a fleet together and set off to give them a good kicking. The fleet was a fair mix, fast ships like my T2 (Technology Level 2) stealth bomber, some T2 cruisers and battlecruisers, a couple of Recon ships and 2 battleships.

On the to Amarr, 14 jump gates away we surprised an enemy pilot in a Vindicator, a souped up Megathron battleship, he had just warped in to the gate from which we were preparing to jump out. As the lumbering Vindicator tried to turn and run our entire fleet locked weapons and fired, even with the armour tanking (self repairing) ability of the big battleship, it could not stand up to the firepower of our fleet and soon succumbed, boom, one-nil to Blade Alliance.

High on the first kill we pushed on into Amarr, it was a busy system, hundreds of neutral trade ships were flying around. On our scanners, we had six war targets, we dispatched fast ships to scout the gates and space stations, one of the scouts met a small patrol at a gate, the patrol warped back to a station and we followed in hot pursuit to arrive outside the station moments too late, the enemy had managed to safely dock.

Now we waited a while, perhaps our FC (Fleet Commander) was a bit keen, too inexperienced, having failed to ambush the enemy we should have left. Suddenly our scanners began to fill up with red stars, twenty plus enemy pilots had appeared in system, at the same time a squadron of six Megathron battleships undocked from the station to complete the pincer movement, very neat, we were caught in a reverse ambush.

Our FC began to shout "Do not aggress!" (Once you have fired your guns you have a 15 minute aggression period when stations will deny you access) and then "Dock, dock", in my fast stealth bomber I made the sanctuary of the neutral station on fire and with moments to spare, a group of T2 drones had locked me and were doing a great job of shredding my shields, armour and hull. The Smoke & Mirrors was more smoke and holes when we got inside. Outside, the fight had gone badly, we shot down a single cruiser, and in return lost 6 ships including both battleships.

Two days later and back on our own territory and we suffered another reversal. We had set up a gate camp with a decent sized fleet, our intelligence channel was providing information on a small roaming gang headed our way. This time I was out in the Awesome Amelia, my incredibly expensively fitted Dominix battleship.

We waited at the gate as the first pair of ships warped through, we all had our drones out, five for each fleet ship, space was full. "Agress, target the Abadonn," came the call, like good soldiers we locked weapons and drones on the lead battleship and began to pound at its armour. Intel had said it was an 8 strong fleet, but now there were 12 enemy ships in system and no sign of them slowing down, worse, they had brought a number of armour repairers who had locked on to their own lead ship and were tanking the damage as fats as we could gank it.

Twenty ships in system, we were all agressed and so unable to use the jump gates, they was a howl of frustration as one of our cruisers blew up. I began to turn the Amelia, hoping to run to a moon or asteroid belt if this went wrong, but I had been locked already and my shields and armour were being stripped away. The Amelia was still ten seconds away from attaining warp speed, and the enemy drones were already hammering away at the ship's hull.

"This is China Flex, I'm going down," I said into the comms channel.

"I don't want to hear that, get away," said the FC.

"Sorry, no time," and the Amelia blew up. In the ensuing chaos I manged to get my clone pod out through the jump gate and to safety in the I1Y Casino Station, behind me the fleet were ripped apart, only two ships from the original twelve had managed to run, disaster.

Our FC apologised, and there were bitter recriminations in the intel channel, but what had gone wrong ? After some discussion and investigation we think an enemy spy had placed the false report in the channel leading us to believe the enemy fleet to be much smaller than it really was, hard to swallow, but it's all fair in war.

A week later and I have bought and equipped two new battleships, a Megathron - Ashanti Lightning - which is a big gunboat, and a new Dominix - Luxurious Lucy - for drone fighting, and I'm fairly skint. The enemy did well, they kept a number of our pilots out of the fighting for a few days and destroyed hundreds of millions of ISK's worth of ships and equipment, but we will be back, Querious (a region) is ours, and we will fight to hold on to it.

- China Flex -
Aegis Evolution - Blade

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