Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shame On The BBC

Not for the Strictly Come Dancing fiasco, which frankly I couldn't care less about, but for the manner in which Ed Stourton has been sacked from the R4 Today team.

Stourton received a phone call from a reporter at the Indy who asked him if the rumours about his demise were true, Stourton said that he had not heard any such rumours and so phoned his editor who said "Yes it's true."

I don't know if this is incompetence or skulduggery on the part of the BBC, leaking the news of an employees imminent sacking is a very poor way indeed to deal with the matter.

Today is the R4 programme I listen to most, I hope Stourton completes the rest of his contract, due to end in Sep 2009, I enjoy his cultured and educated voice.

On the topic of the phone voting though, does the BBC not learn from their mistakes ? The corporation has stumbled from disaster to disaster with phone voting scandals, the lure of the easy money to be made from these schemes is obviously outweighing any common sense, the BBC is far more important than any other broadcaster and cannot be seen time and time again to be putting cash before sound broadcasting principles.

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